Monday, February 1, 2010

My Nana always tells me how my Mama used to climb on everything and get into everything when she was a baby. On top of dressers, out of her play pen,...everywhere! Well, I guess Alabama is starting to take after her! I put Alabama in her high chair today while I warmed up her macaroni and when I look back at her, this is what I find!!!!!!!

She has stood up in the high chair (she does this all the time) then climbed on top of the tray and is standing on top of it holding onto the breakfast bar and playing with the papers on top of it! What will this girl do next???!!!? hahahaha!

P.S. Dont' worry, Nana. I got her down right away and then put her back up to take a picture! I wasn't going to let her fall! :-)

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