Thursday, January 28, 2010

11 months

Well, we officially have less than one month until our baby turns 1. How can it be? She gets to be sweeter and funnier and has so much more personality every day!

Alabama, here is what you are like at 11 months!

You are so much fun to be around! You're always so happy and love to play and have fun.

We have so many games we like to play together. You love peek-a-boo with some variations. (Like me hiding behind my hair. ha!) You also like to be tickled and love to "ride the pony".
You laugh is so funny and so cute! It cracks us up! You try to imitate me and do this fake squeal and then a real squeal. ha! When someone tells you that you're funny, you laugh! ha!

You love to give hugs to us!

You love to play on your chairs and you get in and out, in and out...then hold the doll, then put the doll down...then get out again...then turn around and try to stand up in the chair....then sit down and rock. It goes on forever! So cute!

You talk ALL THE TIME! I love to listen to you go on and on! I have a feeling we are going to play the quiet game a lot in a year or two! ha! You have conversations with your dolls, with yourself, and with us! It sounds like "oh golly gosh" or "yeah" or sometimes like you're saying real words which is the funniest! You talk then we talk back and then you say something else to us, we agree, then you talk again, we answer and you say "yeah". Hilarious!
A few words you are saying now is "Mama", "Da-da", "Hey" (your favorite! you talk to everyone everywhere we go!) (and the funny part is the different inflections you use to say hey), and i think you are trying to say "baby", too.

You are wearing 12 months clothes, now. You're wearing mostly size 3 shoes. We have moved up to size 4 diapers, now.
You had you first ear infection this past month and that was NO fun at all! You were so pitiful. The first day, I held you all day long. You coughed horribly,had a runny nose, congestion, fever, and then the ear ache. I'm so glad you got better fast! Even when you were sick, you were still such a sweet little girl!
You can do you first sign for "bottle". I was so excited when you first did it and I realized that you wanted a bottle. You shake your hand like we're shaking the formula up. Such a smart girl!!!!
You like to eat so many things. You love macaroni and cheese the most. You also eat green beans, most baby foods (except the chunky ones), broccoli and cheese soup, bread and biscuits, pancakes, sweet potatoes, and you also love yogurt. You drink four bottles a day.

You can drink out of a straw now! The keeping the drink in your mouth is the hard part! ha!

You have two teeth on the bottom and are currently working to get the first one on the top through. Love that two toothed smile!

You definitely know what you want and are very determined to get it! ha! Sometimes that involves fussing and whining and sometimes a lot of work to get to where you want to go!

You aren't walking by yourself yet, but are walking from one thing to the next while holding on and are doing a lot better walking with your push car. Not sure when you'll let go, though!

You love to dance and bounce up and down! Anytime there is music, you are moving!

You are more fun and perfect and beautiful every day! I love you so much!!!!

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