Thursday, February 25, 2010

About this time...

About this time a year ago, I was trying to rest in my room at University. It seems like forever ago, but then again seems like just the other day! We checked in on Tuesday night and received the cervidil to hopefully get the labor started with me dialating. I was so ready! I couldn't wait to meet you, Alabama! When Dr. Serrano came in the next morning, it hadn't worked so we decided to do another round of the cervidil instead of proceeding with a c-section or going home and waiting. By that evening, I had dialated a little bit but not much. It was enough to start the Pitocin so I received a very little amount that night. I remember being soooo uncomfortable in that bed! I couldn't get up without unhooking all the monitors, taking the IV with me, etc. The nurse came in soo often because you would move and be off the monitor and we'd have to find you again. She really didn't give me much Pitocin because she would decrease it when the heart rate would fall a little. I really felt like I had gas but then someone told me....that's the contractions! ha! Our family was there until late that night. We were really praying that we wouldn't have to have a c-section that you would come safely and come soon!

When the doctor came back the Thursday morning, she said that there was still no change but we would go ahead with the Pitocin and gave the nurse the directions to increase it in increments throughout the morning. Dr. Serrano had two surgeries to do that day, so she would be back to check me around 11 and then if I wasn't changing, we would do the C-section.

We had a really wonderful nurse that was with us for the delivery. God sent her to be there for us, because of course, I really didn't know what I was doing! Her name was April. She was the first nurse we'd had that actually stayed in the room with us instead of leaving and coming back to check later.

Around 9 o'clock the contractions really started to increase and I began to get very uncomfortable. I told the nurse that I was really hurting but she said she had to wait for Dr. Serrano to get back to check me and make sure there was a change before they could order the epidural. I was in a LOT of pain. I had to wear an oxygen mask because your heart rate dropped a few times. At first, I hated to wear it, but as the labor progressed, I actually liked it because it was soothing to hear that noise from the oxygen. I squeezed your Daddy's hand sooo hard! The bad thing was, the contractions were one minute long and ONLY one minute apart! I only had one minute to rest before it started again! wow! We kept asking for the epidural and the nurse finally said she would go and call Dr. Serrano. She did, but it took forever! When she came back she said she didn't get her! Oh. my. gosh! You've got to be kidding me! I asked her if I can't get the epidual, can you at least lower the pitocin???? No. Dr. Serrano finally called and said we could go ahead with the epidural! Yay! It took a few minutes for the anesthesiologist to get to me because there were a couple patients in front of me. I was soo glad to see "Dr. Honey". He kept calling me "honey", "darling", etc. It was soo weird and funny. He said "Honey, do you have any questions?" in a very drawn out Southern accent. "NO, JUST DO IT!!!!", I replied! He did and it began to work pretty soon! Praise God for the medical technolgy of today! After the epidural was in, I really enjoyed the rest of the process! When Dr. Serrano came back to check me....much later than she'd said....I was already ten centimeters. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! We did a few practice pushes then I only pushed for about 15 minutes before you were born. Daddy was right beside me to see you make your grand entrance. They put you on my chest and I held you right after you were born. Daddy cut the cord and then they took you to clean you a little and make sure you were perfect. He took some pictures with his phone to send to the waiting room full of people who couldn't wait to meet you! Then I got to hold you for about an hour before Daddy walked you down to the nursery and rang the bell to let the whole hospital know you were born. He said when he came down the hall, it was like being attacked by the paparazzi! ha! You weighed 6 lbs. 14 ounces. We were expecting a big girl but you were such a little baby! You had such dark thick hair and I was thrilled! I'd had heartburn EVERY.DAY. of the pregnancy and that was what I'd prayed it meant! I loved how they put that little sweet bow in your hair. You had super long fingers and toes and everyone commented on them. And then of course you had such a sweet, beautiful face! We were all so happy to have you here with us!
That was the first day of the rest of my life! God's perfect plan for me to be your mother began and I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve Him as I teach you to love Him. I love you so much and I would go through it all a million times over to have you here with me!

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