Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It was Snow Fun!!

Friday afternoon, it began to snow. And snow, and snow! Then it started to stick and we were so excited! We haven't had this much snow in many (probably 10) years! In the end, we got about 6 inches! On Saturday, it was a lot of fun to get out and play....especially with a baby this year! Alabama makes everything more fun! She liked being out with us, but not actually being IN the snow.

We had a snowball fight,

made snow angels, then broke out the tractor for our 2010 Winter Olympic Games (Redneck style). Adam attached the tube we use at the lake to the tractor and pulled us around with it! It was so much fun and even Alabama loved it! Then, he saved the hood from Audra's car that she wrecked two years ago FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE! and he attached it and used it as a "kneeboard" or "sled". It worked beautifully and was really fun when you slid out going around the curves! ha! Everyone took a turn or two!

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