Monday, January 25, 2010

Date Night

Adam and I had a fun night together on Saturday while Alabama spent some time with her Aunt Lee-Lee and Poppa and Big Mama. We have some gift cards that my sweet sister in law gave us for Christmas so I decided we needed some time away and it would be a great time to use them. First, we went to Big Lots! (My kind of date!) I saw that they had a bookshelf for $17 that was the perfect size I've been looking for to use to store Alabama's toys in the den. (Pictures later). I also had a coupon for 25% off so I got it for like $13! yay!

Then we went to Macaroni Grill and it was sooo good!

I had the Penne Rustica

(Photo courtesy of Macaroni Grill)

which was much better (but far less better for me!) when I asked the waiter to bring some more of the sauce. Then for dessert I had Lemon Passion cake....yummy.

(Photo courtesy of Macaroni Grill)

One meal off of the worth it! We had planned to go to the movies that night, but now being the old people that we are we decided to just stop by Wal-Mart and rent one! ha! We never thought this day would come! We rented Julie & Julia and I really liked it (although I did fall asleep and had to finish on Sunday!). Of course, our babysitters did not have the baby in bed when we got home. Surprise, surprise! So we got to see our sweet baby and play a little before she went to sleep. It was so nice to have some time with just the two of us and actually talk about our lives but we also missed her and everything is so fun when she's there!

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  1. Lemon cake???!?! no ma'am!!!
    and do you still have the movie? i'm coming to watch it! :)