Sunday, August 2, 2009

, it Slow weekend....but now that I'm typing it, it sounds very busy.....

We had a pretty laid back weekend around here. Friday, my sister and I did a little shopping. We went to a consignment store that has high end items and found a couple great deals. Then, we had supper with our family at a Japanese restaurant which I had two gift certificates from for. (yay!) Alabama was pretty good but wanted to reach for EVERYTHING! Which is very common these days! She kept trying to get my water glass so I let her drink from it and surprisingly she did get some in her mouth (but a lot on her clothes!). After we left, we went to Target and picked up a few things I had coupons for there. I got 7 frozen WW meals, 3 hand soaps, and a cute onesie for Alabama all for a total of .......$8!!!! yay me! Finally got home and went to bed just to get up bright and early on Saturday...yard sale day!!!! My favorite day of the week! haha! Adam went with me after some begging and so did my sister, Audra. Her first time! It was kind of a slow day again, but did find a few cute things afterall. I'll post them as soon as I change the batteries in my camera. We went to Michael's for breakfast, visted my Granny for a few minutes and went home to take a nap that never happened! I couldn't get that girl to go to sleep for anything! So I did a little cleaning, Adam did yardwork, and Alabama played most of the day. I finally got her to go to sleep by getting in the car to go to Wal-Mart. I needed some paint for some items I got on Saturday. (Pictures to come!) We went to eat supper at Bo and Kathie's. yummy. Watched a movie, fell asleep, went home and got in bed! I was sooo tired!
This morning, we were so late to church for practice. We start at 8:30 so I really need to get up at 6:30 to be there on time and have plenty of time to get ready. But anyway, we made it! haha. Adam was in Kids Alive today and about 10 minutes into the sermon, they paged me to come to the nursery. Alabama was hungry and fussing so I stayed and fed her and got her to sleep. We (and when I say We, I mean Adam!) cooked a Boston Butt, rice, gravy, and pasta salad for lunch and Mama brought squash and strawberry cheesecake. It was all sooo good! We went back to church tonight and heard a great message by Pastor Bill on prayer. We ate leftovers tonight, too. No eating out all day! wow! We're doing so good!

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