Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 27th Birthday

I turned 27 years old on August 20th. Wow, the 7 part just doesn't seem right. I feel like it should be a 3 or 4 maybe! ha. I had a fun day with my sisters and baby doing some girl stuff! Alabama wore a new outfit that I had my Mama embroider with an "a" for Alabama. It was sooo cute! We didn't wear the hat during the day, but I couldn't resist a few pictures before we left! Our first stop was to get a spray tan...(didn't turn out, but oh well!). I've done it a few times before because I am sooo white otherwise. I try to use my Mary Kay self tanning lotion, but I don't remember it most of the time. Tonight, my feet are orange and the rest of me had an orange tint as well. Maybe the shade was too dark. I'm not sure.

Anyway, after that, we had to stop in the parking lot to feed Alabama some baby food and to nurse her. This week has been a lot better as far as us getting into a feeding schedule. Then we were on our way! We went to eat lunch at TakoSushi in Surrey Center. I don't understand most of what's on the menu, but I love the California rolls and the Pot Stickers. It was yummy! Alabama thought her toes were yummy, too! ha. The restaurant is right beside the salon where we were getting our hair cut. Chip at Elements Salon is so great! We love him! I just got a trim, but Audra got the color in her hair fixed and got a trim as well. It took quite a while but it turned out great.

We took a mini side trip to the Salvation Army to look around for a minute and then went to meet Adam at Lowe's to grab a few things we need as we finish up getting ready for the cookout we're having this weekend.

We met my Mama and Daddy, Uncle Bo and Aunt Kathie, Jenna, Marty and Kristi at Logan's for supper. It was soo loud in there! We used to love going there, but the last few times, it's been so loud it wasn't nearly as enjoyable. The food of course was delicious and Adam and Audra got me this cake! I told them it looks like it was on clearance so they wiped off the other person's name who didn't pick up their cake! ha! (Audra put Jenna's purse on top of it and smeared the icing!) It was still cute, though, and tasted good, too. Here is me and my Mama. Alabama was loving playing with her Uncle Bo!

I'm so thankful for all the many ways God has blessed me this year! I pray for health and safety this coming year and to grow closer to Him every day.

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