Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uncle Chris

Adam's brother, Chris, has been serving in the Army in Korea for over a year (actually he left the week we found out we were pregnant!) so he met Alabama for the first time last week. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but I think she warmed up to him pretty fast. (He says she's thinking, "Looks like my Daddy...but different." haha) We had a little family dinner on Monday night at Adam's parent's house because Chris will be leaving to go back to Korea on Friday. It was a fun time. Here is Alabama sitting at the table in her bumbo! Too cute! She did eat some of the sweet potatoes I made while sitting here.

She had fun playing with her Uncle Chris and her cousin Morgan.

We had to take a family picture becuase Chris was feeling left out when he saw the one we took while we were all on a crusie back in the fall. (NO one told me we were going to take a picture by the way!!! I could have at least fixed my hair a little.... haha)

Alabama with her Aunt and Uncle!

Adam, his brother Chris, and sister, Georgia.

So sweet and so stinkin' cute, Morgan and Ethan!

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