Monday, August 10, 2009

I have some great treasures to share with you this week! The first two things I found at a church yard sale here in town last weekend. The bird candleholders I know are UGLY now...but just you wait! They were only 75 cents a piece and are very heavy metal. I'm thinking black for the branches and cream for the birds.

I also got this stool there. I will be painting it black and possibly putting a white monogram on the top for my daughter's room. It was $2.

I found these at a church yard sale, too. They were raising money for families that are adopting children. When I checked out, they lady said "These are all my things!" Great taste, lady! I got the fabric (except the houndstooth, which I found at the SA for $1.99) for 10 cents a piece. The planter ($2) is very pretty as it is and I can't decide if I will paint the sconce black or leave it as it is now. It was just $3. I think it's very pretty either way.

I got this cloche' at the SA for 2.99. I can't wait to get a cute little nest to put under it after I paint the base and clean the glass a little!

A sweet lady from church and family friend was having an estate sale this weekend, so I went early on Thursday and bought a couple things. I got this mirror new in the box for $4.50. I think I will paint it black and you will still be able to see the neat texture it has.

I also got a set of two glass canisters with wooden lids for $6. I will probably paint the lids black and use them for storage of some sort...maybe not in the kitchen. (The second one is larger than the pictured one.)

My most exciting find of the week was a new in the box Southern Living, Harrison plate holder at a yard sale for only........$3! Yay!!!!! I was so happy to find this and even happier that it was only $3! I also found this neat necklace at the same sale for $1.

I love to check out everyone's great finds for the week at Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality.

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  1. NO WAY!!! SL for 3 bucks!!!! I am so loving that find! I love anything SL but haven't been so lucky in my treasure hunting.