Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trying to get it all in....

Well, since I set up my blog, I have had some great things I've wanted to share, but haven't had a chance to post them!
In the past week, Alabama has had some exciting things happen! First of all, she went to the doctor on the 15th for her four month checkup and got the go ahead for beginning to eat cereal and baby foods. We tried rice cereal first on last Thursday. She was too hungry to enjoy it...she wanted instant gratification, not sit and wait for the next bite! haha. Since then, she has had oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Sometimes she does really good at eating a lot and other times pushes most of it out and gets frustrated. I know she will get the hang of it with a little more practice! I'm also thinking about making some of her babyfood soon...I'll post more about that later! :-)

She is also sitting up some on her own! When we first started practicing, she would fall forward almost immediately. Now, she can sit up for at least a minute on her own! She is doing so great!

I'm also loving how she has just started to reach out for me!!!!!!!!!! I love that girl so much and am having such a great time being her Mommy!

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