Saturday, July 25, 2009

Science Project

We had some family over tonight and were cooking sausage dogs, hotdogs, and fries. The fries were in the oven, the sausage dogs were boiling and I was beginning to wonder why the hotdogs weren't. I put them on last, but still it should have been plenty of time. When I went over to take a closer look.... I saw the pot MELTING on the stove...yes,...melting!!! I called Adam to come and look as the metal was dripping from the pot onto the burner and under it, as well as onto the stovetop. I couldn't believe it! It was so cool, so I began to poke the metal blob! haha. We were all amazed and couldn't figure out why our best pot, that we've used plenty of times, would just melt away and not boil the water and hotdogs! Then, as Adam pours the water into the sink, we understand............... there was an extra metal mixing bowl in the pot!!!!! So the heat never transfered to the bowl with the liquid/hot just made the pot so hot that it melted the bottom off. Weird!

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