Monday, September 22, 2014

The Zoo

We went to the zoo on Labor Day and had a great time! It was the first time Adam has went with us and it was Blue's first trip! He did great as usual! It was hot but it's so shaded that we were okay. After we left, we went to eat at Fudrucker's.
 The gorilla laying around eating bamboo. Pate showed his monkey to him and he seemed interested! Then he waved at us with his feet. We loved it!
 The elephants were getting some water to drink and washed off.
 Showing the monkey his monkey!

 The tiger was walking around the area then went back into a cave. We couldn't see him but heard this HORRIBLE super loud roars coming from him! Crazy!

 Daddy and the Monkeys! :D
 Pate was brave to sit on the big lion this year!
 Alabama the Lion Tamer! :)

 Here is Alabama imitating how the flamingos sleep! ha!
We heard nothing but "when are we going to have ice cream???" about the entire time! When we finally got our ice cream it melted at super speed but it tasted good. :)

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  1. Really? I was hoping there was something about Funsuckers in here!!