Friday, September 12, 2014

8 months

Blue, you're 8 months old!

 You are such a good, good baby! We are blessed! Everyone in nursery and Bible study tell me how thankful they are for you! You win the gold star! Your theme word is "content." You are pulling up on EVERYTHING now! So big! A couple times you have cruised down the couch but too much. You like to climb up the little slide at church. You like to play with anything you're not supposed to! :) You like your piano sometimes but mostly like to see what you can get into...especially in Alabama's room. You're so great at riding in the car...which is good because we're in it a lot! You eat bananas, peaches, green beans, yogurt, carrots, pears, and baby mum mums. You love to wrestle with Pate but I try to make him play gentle with you. You have a fun personality and like to play and squeal. You don't have any teeth yet! You tried cheerios but weren't a fan. You say Mama and Bama! :) You will sometimes wave but mostly just for Nana! You still wake up twice at night. :(
I keep telling myself it won't last forever. ha! You went on your first trip to the zoo this month! Daddy, Alabama, Pate and I all went one Saturday and you did wonderful! We started music at preschool this month and you're doing great going with me to all the classes. Your hair and eyelashes are getting so long and beautiful! I love you so much and just kiss those sweet cheeks all the time!

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