Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fun time in the elevator!

Guest post from my husband Adam on his adventure today!

Today, we went to the mall as a family to celebrate our 18th dating anniversary. That's what we did on our first date. Well, that and go to Hardee's in Grovetown. Big spender that I was. So, after we ate, Gin wanted to go to the Gap to buy shoes for Bama so I waited outside with our boys on the bench. She motioned for me to come inside and hand over the debit card and said that Alabama needed to go to the bathroom. I said, "Ok, I'll take her" and started to head out the door with her. Then Virginia said, "Oh, no no no. Take all of them. You're going to the family bathroom. You can take them all." I said, "Ok, I'll take this crazy train." So off we go in the double stroller with Alabama walking with me. We get to the elevator and there is another family waiting, too. There's a Mom, 3 girls, and a boy. By the way they talk, they ain't from around here. I spent a few seconds trying to figure it out. She had on a Montana t-shirt and one of her kids was named Dakota so I'm still not sure exactly where but for sure "up there" somewhere. She was nice to let me on first. "Dakota, get out of the way. This man's got a stroller." I got a stroller alright. The limousine of strollers. While we were getting on, one of the little girls, about 11, said quietly "I'm afraid of elevators." She said this several times and her family kind of kept talking about what they were going to eat at the food court and kind of ignored her. I thought they were laughing at her, but looking back....maybe not. So I don't know what come over me. We got in the elevator and a thought popped in my head. "Oh, I can have some fun with this." I smiled and looked at Alabama to see if she thought this was funny, too. She grinned back at me and I was wondering what she was laughing about. About halfway up the ride, the little girl said it again, "I don't like elevators." When she said it, it just happened. I jumped. A short jump from my toes and when I landed, you can imagine the impact from a man of my stature. The elevator shook with more of a jolt than I expected. I didn't see it, but Alabama told me later that the little girl grabbed hold of her sister very tightly. I smiled and laughed to myself but the mom was not pleased. She immediately looked up from her phone and said, "What was?" then looked at me and gave me an evil look. It was then I realized they didn't think this was funny! I looked at Alabama to see if she was laughing and by the look she gave me, she thought it was hilarious. This is what I would do to my own kids, but where ever they were from, there must be lots of elevator accidents. The mom must have been really shaken up, because when I walked by her later in the food court, I heard her telling someone else about the incident! Everything is funnier in elevators.

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