Monday, July 29, 2013

Whirlwind trip to Panama City

This weekend, we took a crazy trip to see our family in Headland and go with them to the beach on Saturday. We left our house at 2:10 am and arrived in Headland at 7:30 am! We woke the family and they got ready to go to Panama City, about another 2 hours away.
 We had a picnic with all the family then went to the beach. It wasn't much of a beach but the kids had fun anyway! We played in the sand and water and relaxed on the beach for a few hours.
 We got cleaned up (complete with shampoo, conditioner, and washrags! ha!) at the beach shower, changed clothes and went to eat at Uncle Ernie's Restaurant on the Bay. It was overpriced, but had a really pretty view.
 Adam was swinging with the kids while we waited on our food. Pate was of course really tired from no nap and the crazy drive the night before. I thought he would sleep the whole time, but he was awake all the way past Atlanta.
 He tried on the bitty baby's hat!
 Here's the family in the restaurant.
 Alabama loving on her cousin, Katie Claire. Before we left home she said, "I hope Katie Claire remembers me!" ha! It was so funny when  we got to the picnic area Katie Claire went right up to Pate and talked to him and hugged him. He stood perfectly still and let her hug him but then right away came to me! It was so funny!
Even if we were soo tired and barely made it home awake, (we drove straight back Saturday night and arrived home at 4 am! I know!), it was so good to see all our cousins and visit for a few hours. Alabama stayed with Mimi and Nana and came back with them on Sunday. She had a great time, too! Especially painting Uncle Jerry's nails green with pink polka dots!

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