Thursday, August 15, 2013

Funny Business

Alabama told Audra last week, "You better not do any of that tongue business, Kah Kah!" We were like "What tongue business????" She said, "You know, how she sticks out her tongue all the time!" haha!

Then, earlier this week, she asked to watch TV. Then she added, "and I don't want to hear anything about no cleaning business!" (I usually tell her she needs to pick up the toys she's got out before she can watch a show.) She is too much!

She likes to say things like other people say them. Like,  instead of Satur-day, Aunt Judy and Granny say "Fridee, Saturdee and Sundee". ha!

In the car, she randomly asked me, "Why does Daddy say whoopin' and you say spankin'"? I said, I don't know, which do you like better? "Spankin'." ha!

On Monday, we had a whole day of "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn" sung over and over and over!

Last night at the CB I took Alabama to the bathroom and she says "I can't get the poo-poo out!" I say "Shhhh, okay." She says again in a softer voice, "I can't get the poo-poo out!" I whisper "okay!" Then she whispers "why are you whispering?" ha!

We were teaching Pate how to whisper at lunch today and it was so funny to me and Alabama! He'd say "georgia and da-da" in a whisper but can't say "Mama!"

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