Thursday, July 25, 2013


Alabama is soo very good at twirling in Sparklers and she loves it so much! She went to Sparklers this past year every Saturday morning and practices twirling every day, all day. She makes up her own routines and dances at home, but knows her routine so well for her performances.
She had her recital in May and I thought she did amazing. They twirled and did a routine with streamers, too. I'm so proud of her. She also went to Auxilliary Camp at the beginning of the summer and did probably 5-6 routines in the show. She seriously did so good on them all. She listens and follows directions so well and does really well for a four year old in her first year, I think! She didn't really like the camp because I think there were just so many girls there, but she said she loves her class on Saturdays.
* Every time we go by the high school, Pate tells me that Alabama twirls there with his baton motions. Ha!

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