Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 26

Okay, time to wrap this up and get on with our regularly scheduled life!
For Pate's birthday, we took him to ride Thomas the Train! He LOVED it! He still talks about it today. It was only 15 minutes long (if that?!) but there was a lot of other stuff to do there, too. I wouldn't say the train ride was worth the money, but he had a great time and so I guess it was! My Aunt and Uncle met us there in Cordele, too, so it was great to see them! We had a fun/crazy picnic with BBQ that we warmed up on the car manifold....don't ask! ha! FYI: Piggly Wiggly right before you get to Cordele doesn't have a bakery, so Pate had pound cake for his birthday! (Well, he did have real homemade Thomas cupcakes at school!) Here's some fun pictures of the day!

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