Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pate's Birthday - Part 2

We celebrated Pate's birthday with a cinnamon roll for breakfast with a candle to blow out and Alabama and I sang "Happy Birthday!"  Then, at school with his friends, I made Thomas cupcakes for him. He just ate the cake. He got to have his new Thomas cup and his birthday shirt from The Nest Boutique. After school, we went home and Aunt Georgia, Morgan, and Ethan came by to see him. They brought Thomas pajamas and a Thomas musical book. He loved them! That night, we made all his favorite food for supper...chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, bananas, and yogurt! After supper, he opened his presents from us (a Cars sleeping bag and Thomas coloring books, and his own truck of crayons), a Jr. Asparagus cup and movie from Mimi and Papa, and Tay-Tay brought over her gift...a power JD Tractor and trailer. Pate helped Adam finish putting it together and then he rode/ran into everything in the living room! (He is so good at driving it now!) He was so excited he couldn't wait to get on it! I hope he had a fun birthday, but the best was yet to come! :)

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