Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Funnies!

The imagination of Alabama is extreme to say the least! Many days, she pretends to be her cousin, Morgan. I have to call her Morgan, she walks up to me and says, "I'm Morgan." I say I know, then she tells me, "My Mama name is Georgia. My Daddy is Chris." I say okay, then she talks about the dogs. "There's Ginger. What's my big dog's name?" I tell her Jake. "Oh, okay. Where's Jake?" She takes the shelf out of her play refrigerator and uses it as the gate for the "dogs". She says, "Mama, you want to come see Ginger?" If I call her Alabama, she quickly tells me with the funniest and most serious look. "I not Bama, I Morgan." Oh, did I forget. Well, this morning, she told everyone in the nursery that she was Morgan and her cousin's name was Alabama but she left her at home (this morning she was carrying around a crazy gymnastics doll my Nana gave her that she said was Alabama but I wouldn't let her it take to church!). Adam will usually tell her, "No, you're Alabama! I'm your Daddy, not Chris." She gets so upset and comes to get me to say I know she's Morgan! ha!

Alabama's favorite song right now (besides the ones she makes up herself which usually include "I lub you" over and over and over again) is Zaccheus but she calls it "Ikea!" ha!

We went to the open house at her preschool last week, and they had a whale by her name so she would know where to line up, sit on the rug, etc. So I was asking her to tell Mimi and Papa what animal she was and she wouldn't tell them. So my Daddy said, "Is it a goat?" She says, "Yeah, a goat!" Ever since then, everytime I ask her, she says it's a goat! Thanks a lot Papa!

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