Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Update

Everything is going great with the little baby boy we are waiting to meet! I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable though...back pain, can't get comfortable, etc. We are still trying to decide on a name for him....7 weeks to go! We had a sonogram yesterday to see the "presentation" of the baby and Audra and Alabama went with me! I think they both were excited to see him. We got some good profile pictures of his face and the lady kept saying he has so much hair!!! I really wasn't concerned about him having lots of hair like I was with Alabama, because you can't really put a bow in a boy's hair! ha! Bama was happy that her baby brother "waved" at her on the screen! So cute! He was head down! :) And she said everything looked good. Dr. Serrano was a little concerned that my blood pressure was a little high so I have to go back in a week for a re-check. The room situation is making some progress...we are putting a final coal of paint on the "new" closet tonight so that Monday we can move shelves and clothes from the "old closet" to the new closet and then get to work on making that a nursery. (It really is a bedroom that I made into a closet when we moved in...I'm not sticking my baby in a closet! ha!) I have a lot of the decor items already but I am making a few more things and I still need to find a chest of drawers for his room.
Adam and I are going to Columbia tomorrow for a "babymoon"! ha! No, we are going on a marriage retreat with our Young Married Class at church and I can't wait! Some alone time with my hubby! Yay!

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