Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Round here Lately!

Warning: Long Post Ahead! ha!

Well, we've been having such a fun summer but still a busy one!

First, I haven't ever written on my blog that we are expecting a baby boy in October! We are very excited but have a lot to do in these next 14 weeks...including choosing a name! I've been doing great and feel wonderful besides the restless legs and heartburn. He moves around all the time and it's so funny to see him move my whole belly! I'm not sure exactly what Alabama thinks about it but she knows that her "baby brother" is inside Mommy's belly...actually she says she's got a baby in her belly, too. ha!

We've been working a lot with my Daddy but that will probably slow down a lot in the coming weeks.

We've been to the Y several times to swim at the water park and have been to the park with our friends some, too.

We've been to the lake a few times. At first she didn't like the boat at. all. But now, she's getting more used to it and loves to go swim off the boat!

Adam and I took her to the movies for the first time a couple weeks ago. We went to see Cars 2 and she did great! She sat with me or Adam because she isn't heavy enough to hold the seat down and she didn't get up and want to walk around until the end. She loved eating the candy and the popcorn, too! The funniest part of the trip was the boy behind us. He was very loud and would laugh so hard! Alabama keeps copying him all the time and she will laugh really loud and then say "That's Hilawious!!!" like the boy did! It really is "hilarious" when she does it! hahaha!!!!

Our garden is now pretty much over now because it's been sooo hot, but we did have a few things we could eat out of it! We had a good bit of squash, some blueberries, a "mess" of green beans that were really good, about 6 ears of corn total, and we still may have a couple watermelons. This picture was back on May 27th.

Alabama has went with me to the doctor the past two visits and she's so funny when we go back there. She is full of one million and one questions every single day. And her response to every answer is always "why?"!!!! So at the doctor it sounds like this:

"Mama, why you laying on that table?" "Mama, why her put that lotion on you?" "That's my baby brother?" "Mama, why her cleaning you?" "Mama, you done now?" "Why?" haha! It's so funny!

She does this all day every day! My uncle says that is exactly what I did so it is payback! ha!

Alabama remembers EVE.RY.THING! She talks about things that happened soo long ago that I don't know how in the world she still remembers!

She also hears everything you say. If I say it different one time from the next she'll say, "Mama, what you told me?" ha!

She's still very shy but will sometimes talk to random people about the craziest stuff that they have no idea what she's talking about! Like the people who work at Wal-Mart say they like her pigtails and she goes into "I not go pee-pee here. I go pee-pee at my house. " ha! Then they tell her they have a bathroom she can use and of course she says "No, I go pee-pee at my house!" The reason she didn't want to go at Wal-mart is they have dryers aka 'chines (machines). She is so scared of the hand dryers so whenever we are out anywhere she'll ask if they have a dryer. If they do, then she doesn't really want to go in it, but if she has to then she'll say "I not use the dryer." "No, Bama, you don't have to." "You not either, Mama?" "No, I won't use it either." "Why?" ha! She starts looking around as soon as we step in the bathroom!

Alabama is also 100% potty trained now! She probably started wearing panties instead of pull ups everyday about the last week of May. She really has done sooo good and I'm so proud of her! She even sleeps in panties and hasn't had any accidents! A "funny" thing happened at the doctors office last week. She had to go potty when we got there but the way she was sitting on the potty she got some pee on her panties and bloomers before I knew what was happening so we had to go out to the car to get a new pair. I told her "It's okay, Alabama. It wasn't your fault. It was just how you were sitting on the potty." So now, she started saying "It's not MY fault!" Oh, goodness!

She also hasn't had her passy since I went to Hilton Head on June 17th for a women's retreat. They couldn't find it while I was gone (it was in the bag the whole time!)so she didn't have it and went to sleep without it. She still asks for it occasionally but we're passy free!!!!

She loves to play pretend and has the best imagination. Right now, a few of the things she likes the most is to play "boat" on the couch or the chair. She will usually drive and you have to sit in the boat and sometimes you're supposed to cry and sometimes you're not. Then she will ask for her lifejacket and swimsuit and put those on. Then she jumps in by holding her nose (what she saw her cousin Morgan do at the lake) and jump off the couch and roll in the floor. ha! Then most of the time, you have to jump in, too!

Her sense of humor is growing so much! She will tell things wrong just because she knows it's wrong and will make you laugh and correct her. Like she says that "red says go and green says stop" but she knows its the other way and says it to be funny! She will cook pretend food and drinks for you in her kitchen and bring it to you and tell you it has sand in it and then I drink some and spit it out and say Yuck! This has sand in it! and she just laughs and laughs!

I just love how fun she is right now!!! She is so sweet (most of the time!) and so funny and I just am so blessed to be her Mommy!

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