Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Driving with Jesus!

Alabama talks constantly when we are in the car, and today she was singing something over and over and over that wasn't really a song and I asked her to please stop talking until we got to Target. Then she says, " I can't sing?" Ahh, break your heart!
So I said "Yes, baby, you can sing, let's just sing a different song, okay. What do you want to sing?"
She says "Jesus loves Me." and she starts singing a mixture of Jesus loves Me and Joy in my Heart which sounds like this : "Jesus loves me in my heart, Jesus loves me in my heart, the Bible tells me so!" So I sing with her and then she wants to sing "Little David Play on your Harp" so we sing that. Then the questions begin! ha!
A: Mama, where's David?
Me: He's in the bible.
A: No, where he live?
Me: Well, he used to live a long time ago, but now he's in heaven with Jesus.
A: What's heaven (but sounds like Kevin)
Me: Heaven is where Jesus and God live. And the people who love Jesus will get to live there with Him one day!
A: Why?
Me: Because Jesus told us that He would go and prepare a place for us to live with Him forever!
A: Mama, what Jesus told me?
Me: (I repeat above sentence again) Then I tell her something like Jesus will come back and take us to live with Him one day or we will go to heaven when we die.
A: Where's heaven?
Me: Well, heaven is where Jesus is but you can't go there now. It's not someplace you can drive.
A: Jesus is going to drive us there? (ha!)
Me: No, we'll probably fly there with Jesus!
A: I'm going to have wings???
Me: Not exactly but something like that.
A: Mama, what you said?
Me: I said you were going to fly there with Jesus but we probably won't have wings!
Then, the picture changes to Jesus coming to her house.
A: Mama, Jesus coming to my house and take a nap?
Me: No, Jesus doesn't take naps. He doesn't have to sleep! (Trying to convey a sense of a powerful God that He's always there when you need Him!)
A: On the boat?
Me: Oh, yes, Alabama, Jesus did sleep on the boat and the disciples had to wake Him up because they were scared of the storm. You're right!

Wow this girl!!!! I didn't know I'd be having such deep conversations with a 2 year old! ha! So glad that she is interested in the things of God and praying that I have the wisdom to give her the answers she needs for her little mind at this time!

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  1. Ok, I just lost it! I got to the "Jesus coming to my house and take a nap?" part and now I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying and I KNOW that my abs will hurt tomorrow. Oh gosh. She is just too precious. I hope you remember this conversation forever and remind her kids of it someday! :)