Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day!

We've been celebrating since Friday when we went to the pool with my nieces, Anna and Morgan, and nephew, Ethan! We had a fun time eating a picnic, playing on the swing set, and swimming. Alabama LOVED the slide and probably went down it at least 12 times! ha! She would climb up, fly down, and I would have to catch her before she shot off the slide!!! It was soo funny! I've got a video if I can figure out how to upload it!

Then Friday night, we took the boat to the lake and ate supper with Tammy and Freddy. They were camping out and grilled chicken then we all loaded up and went to watch the fireworks! they were beautiful and Alabama did great! She loved watching them. She was asleep by the time we got back to the dock. I guess there's nothing like a peaceful nightime boat ride to put you to sleep!

Saturday, we went to the lake and met Patrick and Anita where they were camping at Modoc. It was so good to hang out with them a while. Haven't seen them much lately and it was a lot of fun! I guess Patrick was trying to get rid of us, because he almost threw us out of the boat several times! ha! Lauren has grown so much! She and Alabama had a fun time playing together! ( They were born 5 days apart!) (Mainly AL had a fun time riding in Lauren's car! ha!) We went to a beach and let them swim and play, then the boys rode the tube for a while. We went back to the campsite and ate hotdogs before we headed back home.

Adam said we've already been to the lake more this year than the entire summer last year. I think Alabama's going to be a lake lover if the past few days is an indication! She could not get to the boat fast enough! It was so cute!

Then yesterday, we had a wonderful service at church! Pastor Bill preached a wonderful message (You can hear it at and we had wonderful patriotic and worship music. After church, we went to Wife Saver and picked up some food to take to my Granny's to eat. She loves to see Alabama! (Side note: Alabama is so crazy when we go see her because she's scared of her lift chair! it's so silly how she won't go near it!ha!)
Sunday night, Nana, Bo, Kathie, Jenna, and Mama, Daddy and Alicia came over and Adam grilled chicken that was soo good! We had a fun time talking and hanging out because we haven't seen them for a while either! Oh, and Bo brought me some succulents that I'm going to transplant today that I'll get some pics of!
I love those things... can't wait!
Funny story: While I was getting things ready last night, Nana and Alicia were in the den playing with Alabama and she comes in eating something. Nana asks her and me what she's got.....the girl has gone in the kitchen and taken a cookie from a dish I had on the counter! I don't even know how she knew there were cookies up there! haha!

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