Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 Months

Alabama, you are now 16 months old! You are such a big girl now! To me, you look like a little girl now instead of a baby. It is amazing how much you know and do. You are saying more and more words. You can say mama, daddy, poppa, nana, granny, lee lee, kay kay, book, baby, and you will try to say more things when we ask you to. Although, they usually come out sounding like nana! ha!You talk constantly! I know you'll be completing full sentences before very long! I love to hear you talk! It's so cute!
You can also point to your nose, mouth, teeth, eyes, belly, feet, toes, hair, face, and hands. Such a smart girl!
You love to climb up stairs. This was at Aunt Georgia's house. Today, I ran inside to get our bags while you were playing outside and when I came back, you had already climbed up the steps on the porch. I can't leave you for even a second!
You usually sleep about 10-12 hours a night. You still won't go to sleep by yourself, but I'm fine with it for now. Lately, your naps have been hit or miss. Somedays you take a long two-three hour nap, and somedays, I can barely get you to cat nap! You usually wake up happy around 9 and are ready for a nap about two hours later.
You love to sing songs. You know all the motions to "Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain" and we must sing it at least seven times a day! ha!
You're such a sweet girl! You give such good kisses and hugs....the best in the world!
We went out on the boat last Saturday and you loved it this time! I was so happy! You liked to ride and swim and get in your float.

You definitely know what you want these days....and are sure to tell us! We're going to have to work on these little outbursts you are having when you don't get your way! Drama. Queen.

Some of your favorite books are still all the animal books, "Put me in the Zoo", "Where's Baby's Belly Button", and a book we borrowed from Ryan that has different numbers of objects on each page. You like the pages with the babies and the bottles the best. I'm so glad you love to read.

You are such a fun girl! I love you so much! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter! BTW, ......slow down! I'm not ready for you to be so grown already!

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