Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spring is here and we are having so much fun! It's so funny how you don't even realize how much you miss the sunshine until it's back!
The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the weather is perfect! Alabama LOVES to be outside so we've been spending some time enjoying the beautiful weather while it lasts! A few more months in Augusta and it will be so hot you can't even go outside!
Last week, we went to a park in Louisville while we were waiting on my Daddy. Alabama loves the swings! Then we climbed on this and slid down the slide. We blew bubbles and had some snacks! It was such a nice little park!
She loves to go outside when we're at home. We ride in her car....a lot! We ride around the yard, to get the mail, to go next door...everywhere! She also loves to ride in the wagon still, too.
She also loves to play in her playhouse that Georgia gave us last year. I know she is really going to love it when she's walking more. She goes in and out. Sits on the chairs. Looks through the windows. On Tuesday, she and Adam played in there forever. She cooked him supper and it was so cute!
We even took her push toy outside and she loved to walk around! I think she looks so non-baby in this picture! So grown! ha!
What have you been doing to enjoy the Spring sunshine??

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