Thursday, March 4, 2010

Party, Part 2

Here is the other post of Alabama's party....sorry it's so late! I've been so busy and it's hard trying to find a minute to blog lately....I'm so behind!

I wanted to make sure we got pictures of everyone with Alabama.

Here she is with me and Adam.

Here's Adam's Dad and his sister, Georgia, and our nieces, Anna and Morgan, and nephew, Ethan.

Here we are with my Mama and Daddy.

This is my sister, Audra.

Here is my sister, Alicia.

Here we are with Nana and Ralph.

After the gifts, it was time for CAKE!!!!

Our friend, Shea, made the cakes for us. We sang 'Happy Birthday" and let her go for it. She wasn't sure what to do at first, but got the hang of it quickly. The cupcake icing was the hard kind and not very messy so I smeared some icing from the cookies we made onto the cupcake and it worked a little better. NOTE: To make for a messier first birthday experience, use store bought, Betty Crocker chocolate icing!!!

It was so cute, she grabbed big chunks of cake and stuffed it in!

While she worked on her cake and ice cream, I cut the big cake for everyone else.

After she was done with the cake and all the guests had eaten as well,
we got in the bath tub and cleaned up.

She played for a while with all the toys and after everyone left, she took a good long nap. Birthdays are hard work, huh, Alabama! That night, my frined Leslie came by and brought a gift for Alabama. She gave her the cutest swimsuit--it is pink with a tutu around it! So cute! She also got her "twin" dolls. They are precious and Alabama is in love with them! She plays with them constantly!

Thank you everyone for coming and making her first birthday a sweet time! We love you!

Thanks Georgia for being the official photographer!

I sooo appreciate it, and Alabama will, too!

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