Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I thought I had lost the photos I downloaded from my camera around St. Patrick's Day....but I found them this morning!!! So, here they are!
We had a fun, green day. We went to eat lunch with Adam at work. They grilled hamburgers and then we watched the St. Patrick's Day Parade that goes right in front of his shop. I'd never been before so it was neat to see. It was raining so we were inside but we also went out on the patio for a while to watch the parade go by. We saw men playing bagpipes, marching bands, Irish dancers and lots of floats. There were also many floats like this with so and so "family or clan"...I never knew there were so many Irish families in Augusta! That was so different! We didn't stay the whole time, but Alabama really loved watching everyone go by.
There was another baby on the outside of the building and she and Alabama had fun playing through the glass! ha!

Here we are wearing the green beads we got at the parade! Then we went to church that night and had green banana pudding for supper! ha!

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