Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Funnies

Sweet and funny sayings from my comedians lately....

My Mama and sister stayed with Pate a few days ago and she has the same "little tablet" that we do and Pate played on it some. When she left, she of course took it with her. An hour or so after they left, Pate quietly tells me. "Mama, I tell you sum'pin. Mimi take our wittle tab-et." haha!

Pate has the best impression of Granny saying "Come on Thomas!" ha! so funny!

He found a curtain rod and trash can in my craft room on Friday. He decided they were drums and drum sticks. He was still playing with the curtain rod all day and wanted to take it to bed with him that night. It was then a gun or something. Anyway, he calls it his "dick" (stick!) like ..."dis my dick. i got a big dick!" lol!!!!

Alabama didn't want to wear a certain pair of shoes last week. (of course.) I told her that there were little girls who only had one pair of shoes and would love to have red sparkly shoes like hers! She asked, "Like who?" I told her the little girls at the children's home we were going to visit  in a couple days. She lit up and said "Good! Let's take it to them!" :-\
This was Alabama's sight word sheet she had to do for make up work. "I have seen people who is black." 😳😮🙈 what in the world?!

Blue loves to do funny things that make us laugh. Like shake his head, pretend to go to sleep and then wake up, peek-a-boo, or anything he thinks of that gets a laugh.

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