Sunday, February 22, 2015


Well, here's a little family update:
Alabama is doing great at school and is reading so well! She can sound out to read many words and is able to read all Bob books and many others, too. She knows all her sight words usually the first week of the month. When she writes words by sounding them out, she usually gets the consonant sounds, but not the correct spelling but is doing a good job trying. She is having trouble writing her s, b, d and 5, 4, 3 the correct way instead of backwards. She can count by 2, 5, 10's and has learned addition and subtraction. We just finished reading aloud Anne of Green Gables to Pate and Alabama at night before bedtime. They both listened really well and loved it.

Pate is doing great at school, too! He is such a leader in his class. He loves to play but often too hard and gets hurt! He knows all of his colors and most shapes. The boy LOVES to count. everything. Wherever we are, he wants to count all the things he sees. He has listened to the Letter Factory DVD and is  getting really good at his letter sounds. Pate loves to read books now. He likes to get the big Mickey Mouse books and have you read them or his tractor books. He sings all the time. Whatever he's doing, I will hear him singing a song that he knows from school  or church or home. The sweetest. He is also so good at the video games on the phones and tablet. He has very good hand/eye coordination.

Blue is learning so much. I just can't believe how smart he is most of the time. He picks up things quickly and remembers them without much help! He knows sign language for more and eat. He can recognize and make sounds for dog, bear, pig, and duck. He says Mama, Bama, ball, bye, Dada. He loves to give kisses, blow kisses, high five, and laugh! He eats all the time! Sometimes, I just can't seem to fill him up! When he gets to nursery at chuch, he goes right for the high chair and wants something to eat! ha! Tonight, they told me that he wanted to get in the high chair but they told him he ate all of his snacks already. Then, he started signing "eat" like he was telling them, "okay, if y'all can't understand me, I'm going to have you use sign language for you!" haha! He's finally a good sleeper and sleeps through the night about half of the time. He is a very good walker now and climbs on everything. He can get up AND down from the ottoman in the living room. He likes to throw the ball with you. He is still such a plunderbox and gets into everything. We have to keep the bathroom door shut at all times.

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