Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday Blue!

You are 6 months old today!!! You are doing great!

 You are sitting up unassisted and can roll from front to back and back to front and all around! I saw you 'almost' sit up by yourself when I went to get you from your bed this week. Crazy. You wear size 9 month clothes and size 4 diapers. You love to laugh at Pate and Alabama especially when he falls on the floor with his ball. You think that's just hilarious! You tried rice cereal yesterday and LOVED it. You wanted more and then had some last night, too! You ate great with no tongue thrusting and great swallowing! Today, you had your first bottle of breast milk and even held it by yourself. You thought it was great and were mad when it was all gone. When we hold you, you are such a wiggleworm!!!! You do not sit still. ever. You also started grabbing EVERYTHING within reach! Nothing is safe with you, now! Your favorite toys are Sophie Giraffe and Peter Rabbit and the wooden chew toys. You like being in the exersaucer for a little while but can hardly fit in the Bumbo anymore. You like me to sing to you. I sing "Amazing Grace", "Jesus Loves Me", "Hush Little Baby", "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus", "Snuggle Puppy", "Blue Eyes", and "Baby Blue". All the singing in the world won't help this night time waking of yours, though! You sleep in your crib now, but wake up several times a night and nothing will settle you but to nurse. Alabama likes to pick you up and tote you around (although I don't let her but she does it anyway sometimes) and Pate still likes to give you a million kisses. He doesn't like other people to talk to you. He says, "MY baby Boo!!" He'll say, "I know" so sweet when you are fussing in the car. Ha! This past month has been a busy one! You went to your first VBS, went to Asheville, NC with Kah Kah, Daddy, and me for a Women's Retreat, visited the Biltmore and you also took your first ride in Daddy's boat this month and liked it so much you fell asleep!  Everyone tells me what a happy baby you are and you are always smiling with those precious dimples! So so thankful for you! We love you Juicy Lucy!!!!

UPDATE: You had your 6 month checkup today, 7/14 and you were 21 pounds 6 ounces and 28 inches long! Dr. Renew said you were perfect! :) Oh, and you pulled up on the bed railing onto you knees today. What?

Wow, how you've grown in 6 months!

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