Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Because I won't remember when they're 18....

Here are a few things that I want to remember forever and I won't if I don't write them down! (I've actually worked really hard just to remember them long enough to blog about it! ha!)

Last week, Alabama was riding with me and the boys were asleep. She was reading the back of the bottle of strawberry soda that Nana bought for her at the Jet. She read each letter of the Nutrition Label and then I would tell her what the words said. When she got to sugar, I told her the g stood for "grams". I explained that the drink had a lot of "grams" of sugar in it and it wasn't okay to drink that all the time, just every once in a while. She said, "well, I like "graham" crackers!" ha! I laughed out loud and she said, "Is that funny?!!!" I told her yes and she said, "I'm gonna have to tell Tay Tay that. She'll be real tickled!" ha!Then she tried to make up some more knock knock jokes. She can join the Family Comedy Show!

Yesterday afternoon, I was finishing up a sewing project and Alabama was playing on the floor with the baby. She told him, "Let's play Simon Says. I'll be Simon. Okay. Simon says....slobber!" ha! He's got that one down for sure! She included more things like cry, chew on the butterfly, etc.

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