Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pearson Blue -1 month

Blue, you turned one month old on February 6th! We are learning to be a family of 5 and getting to know each other! You came home on Wednesday January 8th. We picked Alabama up from school on the way home and she was so surprised and excited! Granny and Aunt Judy drove out to see you when we got home. It felt so great to be home all together!
We went to the doctor on Friday and everything was great. Daddy went back to work the Monday after you were born and we stayed home that day. Tuesday, I drove us to take Pate and Alabama to school and you and I came back home. Getting four people ready is definitely different and will take some getting used to!
You love to nurse and are very good at it. A little too good at it, because you want to eat every 2 hours a lot of the time! You have had some very bad gas pains, though, which makes it uncomfortable for us both. :(  I wish I could make it not hurt you, but the gas drops/gripe water only do so much. I've cut out caffeine, dairy, beans, spicy foods, salads but it hasn't seemed to make much difference. (We will especially remember when Daddy had to go to Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning to get gas drops for you!) When you're not hurting, you are a very sweet baby and so so cute! A lot of times, you have a worried look on your face with your wrinkled eyebrows, but when you are relaxed, your face is full and so cute!
You didn't like your first bath one little bit. You even woke Pate up and he was so worried about you. He came in our room for a while to make sure you were okay and he helped brush your hair. :)

 In your one month, you've met lots of family and friends, including Aunt Betty and Uncle Jerry. They came to see you on the Friday after you were born. We also went to meet sweet, Maggie.

You're going to be great friends! :) You have went to visit Granny. You have had your first snow, but we didn't go out in it, just stayed nice and warm inside! :) Your brother and sister love you to pieces, literally! ha! They are all over you and want to hold you all the time.
 You went to church for the first time on 19th for Revival, well, actually, we went to all the services but only got to stay in for part of them. So beautiful in your Sunday gown! Love!
We've been so blessed by our family and church family with the wonderful meals they have prepared for us. I've been trying to be the person that stays home with her new baby, and that has been nice, but also hard for me to do! The snow days have really helped! We did go on a "date" with Daddy one Friday night. We went to the mall to eat at Buca di Beppo and pick up an outfit at JCP. We somehow lost the passy in the car/parking lot but you did great in the restaurant. It was a great night out.

 I've been very worried about pictures this month and trying to get some good ones of you as a newborn. It has been a challenge because you are a light sleeper so those cute sleeping pictures are out of the question. (P and A wouldn't do this either.)
 I'm sure I'll look back later and love the ones we have, but right now Pinterest is haunting me with all these ideas that I didn't do with you. We did get an amazing picture for your birth announcement that we LOVE!
 At your 2 week appointment, you were 9 pounds 5 ounces so that is great!!! The doctor wants you back to birthweight, and you were almost a pound over that. You are growing so well!
You look so much like Alabama and Pate but also so much like your own little self. Love this comparison of you all wearing the same little sleeper. :)
 I love you so much and we are so glad to have you in our family. I pray that we will be great parents that teach you to love the Lord more than anything else and that you know how much you are loved every day!

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