Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Favorites!

Here's a list of a few of our most memorable things from 2013!

- Alabama and I went with Jenna and Kathie to the American Girl store/café/hotel and had a really fun time! Maybe we can do it again this year!
- We went to Brunswick to see my cousin Jeff and his wife Brooke get married. It was a trip with lots of laughs and family and fun! (Driving Granny's power chair through the parking lot/hotel will exhibit much looks!) I'm so glad to have Brooke in our family....she's so sweet and the perfect girl for Jeff!
- We found out we are pregnant with Baby No. 3! Such a precious gift! We told our family on Mother's Day. Can't wait to meet them in the next few days!
-I got to go on a girls trip to Hilton Head for a few days! It was a great time with my friends and made it that much better to come home to my sweet family.
-We went to Panama City, FL for approximately 24 hours to see our Alabama family and go to the beach. We survived and made it home safely! (and to church that morning!)
-We also took a crazy day trip to the GA mountains to get apples that turned into a fun time at the Amicalola Falls state park!
- I started back to BSF and I am so glad! It's such a great, in-depth Bible Study and this year it's on the book of Matthew.  Also so excited that my friends Ashley and Sara are doing it, too.
- Pate and Alabama started Preschool at GBC and they have both done great. I also started teaching music (which I never thought I could do!) and have really enjoyed singing with the kids each week and what a blessing it has been to our lives!
- I read this article and sobbed all the way home from Evans. Such a humbling read and I'm so thankful for the changes I have made.
-We saw God's provision for us throughout the whole year. Even when it looked like we wouldn't be able to pay for everything, He always provides. We've never missed a bill or a meal and are so RICH! We have so much to praise Him for and too many blessings to count!
- Audra and I served at the Under the Bridge Christmas service and handed out cookies. Such a blessing to minister to those who don't have anything. I had to pull it together after the first song and focus on the cookies! ha!
- Pate has finally started saying a few words together and can communicate a lot more with us! He's so funny and such a Mama's boy. He's so funny, too!
- Alabama has done great at school and she has such a sweet spirit. I love her so much and am so thankful she's mine!

I'm looking forward to this year and following the Lord as he leads our lives!

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