Friday, August 31, 2012

on the last day of August....

1. I'm so thankful for a specific answered prayer today! I noticed a little issue Pate had last night that could have been something big. I prayed over it all night and this morning that it would be nothing and when I took him to the doctor this afternoon, she easily fixed it! Praise the Lord!

2. I love that it is getting close to fall! It's not so much the weather, but just the "look" there is outside now. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the sun maybe? just looks like perfect, beautiful, weather! It makes me happy!

3. Alabama is so hilarious! The other morning, she came to wake me up as usual. She said, "Get up Mama!" (I'm sure she wanted some fruit snacks or something.) I told her that I think I slept on my back wrong because it was hurting me. Then I hear her mumble, "I don't have no time for this!" hahaha! I would say where does she get this stuff, but I know exactly where--my sister Audra Kate!

4. I finally ordered Pate's 6 month pictures and our family pictures we took then with money I got for my birthday and I can't wait to get them in!

5. I love having a gift card to Starbucks in my wallet! It makes it taste so much better when it didn't cost "money!"

6. I made a fun "toy" for Pate yesterday! I cut up some ugly fabric I had into rectangles and put them into an empty tissue box. He loves taking them all out and putting them back into the box!

7. Alabama starts "Sparklers" tomorrow! She is so so so excited. She knew that after my birthday it would start so she has been counting down! I'm going to be a "Sparkle" tomorrow she says!!!

8. Did you know that a spoon full of sugar cures hiccups??? Me either, but it works! I learned it on the latest episode of 19 Kids and Counting!

9. Our dryer has been broken for a few weeks now and I am more than ready to get a new one! It's no fun not being caught up on the laundry.

10. Alabama and I start preschool at home next week! I'm super excited. I hope it goes well and will keep the blog updated with some of the things we do.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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