Friday, May 18, 2012


Alabama makes me laugh every single day and I am so thankful for her! Here are a few snipets sure to make you laugh, too!
We recently discovered Duck Dynasty on A&E and we all love it! It's hilarious! Sometimes, in her pretend sessions, she tells me, "This is Duck Dynasty." She will sit and watch episode after episode with Adam. Yesterday, we were having a family dinner and she randomly asked Mimi, "Do you know Si?" hahahaha!

Yesterday she asked me, "Hey, why you got that shirt on?" (it was new) I said, "I just do. What's wrong with it?" "I just don't like it" she says. Thanks Bama!

She still takes her job of correcting me and everyone else very seriously. ha!  She even corrects her friends when they say things incorrectly. Why you say..... ? I try not to laugh, but it is very funny! ha

Most days when she wakes up she asks me, "Do I have school today?" and "Do we have to go to any stores today?" When I say no, she smiles and cheers. Who is this child????

Last week we were outside and she points to the field and says "Mama, see all that stuff?" "What stuff?" "All that stuff! That means we live in the country!" Adam says they'd had a conversation about that the night before. ha!

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