Thursday, May 24, 2012

Month 7!

Pate, you are seven months old today! Here's what you have been up to: You are doing the army crawl/tuck and roll to get all over the floor in 3.2 seconds! If there is something you see that you want, you will get to it! (Especially if it's something you shouldn't get!) I've officially had to move out the glass side table. I never had to move it with Alabama, but you've tried to pull on the cord for the lamp that sits on the ever so precarious glass table twice now. (It's gone! ha) You can now get to a sitting position by yourself. You can also get back down to the floor very well ( usually...). Your newest trick is to pull up this week. I found you standing in your bed on Monday! You've also pulled up on Alabama's little chair to get whatever she left in it. You have been eating much better the last few days. You have eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, sweet peas, carrotts, peaches, pears, applesauce, bananas, and just today...avocado! You are doing great! You still nurse every 3-4 hours but lately I have had to give you a bottle a couple of times, too. No teeth yet! You are still not a great sleeper and get up once a night to eat and then again at 6 or so but go back to sleep until around 9. It takes a little while for you to lay down and go to sleep, especially now that you are sitting/standing up. Two times, you have cried in the nursery at church but this Wednesday, you did great again and were back to your happy self. You love to play with things that make noise and put everything in reach in your mouth. You are learning how to wave! So cute! You have begun to show what you want and want it NOW! ha! If we take something from you, you will do a little "mini whining fit". I love every minute of being your Mama and am so so thankful for your sweet life!  We dedicated you to the Lord on Mother's Day this year! Yes, you wore a beautiful gown but I loved every minute of it! Your Mimi and I made it together and it turned out gorgeous(not perfect, but still gorgeous!). We pray that we will be steadfast to teach you the Word and that you will hide it's truth in your heart and will serve the Lord all the days of your life!  I love you so so much! (and so does your big sister!)

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