Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pate is 4 months old!

Pate, you are four months old! You are so so sweet and such a fun baby! You laugh at your sister and love it when I tickle you! I just love to hear that sweet laugh of yours! You are rolling over now from back to front! You are almost too big for your swing...have to make sure you are buckled in! ha! You still like your play mat some, but you get off of it all the time. You're all over the place! You like to stand up on my legs, you never want to lay down...only sit it up. We got out the exersaucer and you are getting the hang of it, too. You are the cutest little boy I've ever seen and I could just eat up those cute cheeks and those pouty lips! You wear a size 3 diaper now and still in 3-6 month clothes. You can wear some size 2 shoes now. You chew on your hands all. the. time. I keep checking for teeth, but you still don't have any. I think I'll start letting your sleep in your crib soon because I'm scared you are going to get yourself out of the "sleep and play" you've been sleeping in beside our bed. You are nursing every 3 hours during the day and are still waking up once to eat at night. You watch everything Alabama does and she loves you so much! She wakes up saying "Where's Pate?" She gives you hugs all the time and says "I love you, Pate." so. sweet! You have always been so content, but want to be held a little more lately. They always tell me in the nursery that you get the award for the best baby! ha! Two of your friends were born this month...Jackson and Benton! We went to meet them and I know you'll be BFF's! ha! I love you more every day and thank God you're mine! :-)

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