Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch up and Funny stuff!

So I played catch up on my blog tonight! I had to get it done. I love blogging, but once I get behind, I fee like I can't write anything before I catch up with what I've missed. So anyway, it's not as great as if I'd written it all as it happened, but it's good enough! :-) I still have a few more things I may do a post about, we'll see.

Alabama cracks me up every single day! She is just so funny but she does not like you to laugh at her. It's really hard not to!
-Her new saying as of last week is "Guess what!" Everything starts with guess what. ha!
-There's a cat that started hanging around our house and will sit on our front steps and meow at us. Bama is very scared of it and wants the door closed at all times so the cat can't see her and she can't see the cat. Finally after several days of being scared of the cat, Adam told her that the cat was not going to hurt her. If it hurt her, he would shoot it with the shot gun. While she was driving with my sisters, she told them. "If that cat bites me, my Daddy will "shoo" it with that gun shot." ha!!
-She still remebers every little thing that happens with exact detail! Her retelling events and details of the events that happened as she remembers them is so funny.
- She doesn't quite pronounce her "th" and "s" correctly when she talks. It's cute. It sounds like this. "Well, I sink (think) he wants his passy." or from the turkey song.."they lept (slept) all night in the tree."
- I told her after we got home from having Pate that It seems like she gained 30 pounds while we were gone. She seems like such a big girl now and not my baby anymore. One day I told her, "Alabama, I don't want you to grow up anymore. I want you to stay little forever, okay?" She gets her super serious look on her face and whiny voice and  tells me, "But my Daddy said I can!"

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