Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes, I'm still here!

I haven't blogged in so long partly because when I get behind, I feel like I have to catch up before I can write anything else. But....even though I still haven't posted any of the birthday party, I'm going to post anyway!

Alabama was so funny yesterday when I had to make a delivery at Martina's florist. The lady asked us if we needed help and then started to talk to us for a long time. She told Alabama how cute she was and that she liked her outfit. (Side note: When we went to see my niece Morgan in her cheerleading show a few weeks ago, Alabama wanted to wear her "Go Dawgs Outfoot" (Ga Cheerleader oufit) so now she associates the word outfit with the cheerleader suit.)Sooo, when the lady said that to her, she started saying pretty loudly "Go Dawgs", "Gold, Black" (our thomson bullldogs colors!)! ha! The poor lady had no idea what was going on! I tried to explain, but I'm not sure she ever got it!

Later that night, she was playing with my sister, Audra, on the floor and she told Audra "I'm leaving." But she had her passy in her mouth so it sounded like I'm lemon. When Audra kept asking her where's the lemon, she got frustrated at her and told her "I'm going Bye-bye!" ha! It was like if you don't understand real words, I'll have to use baby talk with you!

She is absolutely obsessed with flip-flops now. Only, she calls them "shoe-flops!" She asks everyone, "Where's your shoe-flops???" "You wear shoe-flops like me do?" She wants to wear them every. single. day.

She has a semi-imaginary friend/cousin now! ha! Apparently her cousin, Jenna, has moved in with us! I really didn't know that kids had such big imaginations so young! She will tell me all the stuff that Jenna is doing, that Jenna wants something to eat, etc. When I tell her Jenna is at school, she says "No, No, Jenna right here!" We will even get in the car and she tells Jenna to buckle up. Sometimes, as we are pulling out of the driveway, she says "Mama! We left Jenna!!!!" and I have to stop and say "Get in Jenna!" It is really the funniest thing! I need to get it on video how she acts with "Jenna". ha!

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