Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Steed's Dairy

On Saturday, we went to Steed's Dairy for Ryan's birthday! They had such a fun time!
First, we looked at all the different animals....
Alabama kept her distance but liked seeing them. After the animals, we took a quick photo shoot before she got completely dirty. (It was so cute..Alabama and Ryan had to ride in the same wagon all day!) It was very hard to get a good picture. She wanted to pick up every single pumpkin and she didn't like the hay and also the sun was making a lot of shadows...anyway, she looked cute in her pumpkin shirt! Then we played on the swings/slides for a few minutes. She liked the horse swing. The main attraction of the farm is the corn maize...I like it a lot better than the one at Kackleberry because it's not sooo long that you can't find your way out. Casey, Adam, Alabama and I went through it together.

When we made our way out of the maize, we took a break and played in the corn seeds. Alabama wanted to fill her bucket up one handfull at a time. She's so meticulous about stuff! ha! We also took a little hayride around the field. It is a really pretty property. Here is Alabama with Casey

and with her Daddy

Before we left, we jumped on the jumping pillow.

I didn't think she would like it but she laughed the entire time and loved it! She did NOT want to leave. We went back to their house and had pizza, the cutest pumpkin cake, and ice cream. Ryan had fun opening his presents and Alabama wanted to play with all of them, too. They gave her a cute little pumpkin bucket with crayons and a little pumpkin Ryan picked out for her! It was so sweet and we are so glad they invited us to come!

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