Thursday, November 19, 2009

Georgia vs. Auburn

We had a fun night last Saturday at the Conleys watching the UGA/Auburn game. It was a close one, but so glad we pulled it out! Gooo Dawgs! Alabama was so happy to see her friend Lauren (even if she was wearing an Auburn shirt)ha! We need to go over soon so they can play a little better. There were just too many new people there for Lauren and she had a little cold. Anita got the cutest cake for the game! It was so funny because the cake was cut and eaten in a way that it was so chopped up at the end of the night! ha! "Miss Georgia" whose name is Alabama was chillin with the boys.Jacob and Lucas are so sweet and love to play with her! She would not go to sleep for anything while we were there! She was out before we got out of their driveway, though. Hope we can get together with the Conleys again soon!

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