Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Wreaths at Grace

The Ladies of Grace had a very fun night tonight of making wreaths and swapping cookies. I brought "Cake Balls" that I learned from Kelly at They are soo good and so very easy! I came home with an array of yummy looking treats! Can't wait to sample them.....

We also made Christmas wreaths. You could select one of the designs they prepared to make or bring your own items. I chose to bring my own things and decided it would be neat to make a wreath to hang on Alabama's room door. I don't think we will have a tree in her room so a wreath can add that festive touch that's just for her!

These are the items I started with. I just placed them all around the wreath and made the bow and then started gluing/wiring everything in place. I love how it turned out! I especially love all the little touches that make it special. Here's an "a" for Alabama, (I'm still going to paint white dots on the a)here you can see the silver baby spoon I tied you notice the angel's wings and tiara. (These wings are an ornament from the ornament swap I participated in. Thanks Amanda @ Most of the items came from the Dollar Tree. The wreath itself was at Michael's for $1.99. The feathers that Kristine convinced me to add at the end (and I LOVE them!) are from Michael's also for about $4.00. The spoon I had already and the zebra ribbon came from Wal-Mart. The pink ribbon was part of the decorations for my family baby shower!

Here is everyone getting started on their wreath. Crystal and Danielle working hard! Crystal gluing away on her Raven's wreath. It really turned out good, actually! Here's Mrs. Kim busy, busy.

This is one of the wreathes made by the other ladies that participated. They were all so pretty!

I'm also linking to the Frugal Friday party at because I did all of this for under $15! Yay!

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