Thursday, October 29, 2009

8 months

Alabama turned 8 months old on Monday!

Here are some things you are doing now, sweet girl!
You are pulling up on EVERYTHING!!! You don't sit for long, you pull up on the couch, the exersaucer, the bed, people, chairs, baskets....the list goes on!
Daddy "taught" you how to stand up in the bed, so we've got to lower it now!!!

I come in and find you standing up many times when you're supposed to be sleeping! ha!
You wave "hey" and "bye" a lot now.

You can easily get back to sitting from crawling. You mostly do the army crawl still...and are very fast! ha! Sometimes you'll take a few steps on your hands and knees.
You love to sing and clap and love it when we say "Yay, Alabama!"
You wear 6 months clothes. The 3-6 months are a little snug, but the 6-9 are still kind of big! I can't wait for you to wear all you new fall clothes!
You eat all kinds of baby food. You also eat mashed up pieces of banana, the Gerber "puffs", and the corn snacks that look like cheese puffs. Yummy! You love eating those snacks that you can feed yourself. We are still nursing and also supplementing with bottles of formula when I'm gone.
Last weekend, you got your ears pierced! I didn't want to take you, so Uncle Bo and Aunt Kathie did! They said you only cried for a minute, and now you're a complete gypsy baby! haha!
You also spent the night with them for the first time on Saturday. Everyone at church missed you so! They said you did great (and so did I!) but you didn't sleep a lot so were pretty fussy when you got back! (I think you really missed us a lot! but Bo says you were fussy because you missed him!)
You get into everything and must have your hands on something at all times! You still love to play with paper and most things still go right to your mouth.

I have to keep everything out of the way because you're a plunder box like your mama!
We get stopped everywhere we go. People randomly stop us every single day to say what a beautiful baby you are! As Aunt Katie says, "You so pretty, like mo-del, cheerleader...something pretty!" (with a vietnamese accent!)
You're still a Mama's Girl through and through! You are still working on those teeth....hopefully you'll have some by the time you need to chew! ha!
And of course, you're still the sweetest girl in the whole wide world! I love you more than I ever thought possible!

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  1. hahaha!!! that's Aunt Katie's girl!!! :)
    you so pretty!!! i love you, Alabama Grace!