Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 months old

On September 26, Alabama turned 7 months old!!! She's getting so big and seems to be doing something new every day!

At 7 months, here are some things that you do, Alabama, the Supermodel!

You started to say dadadada...I don't think you know what it means, but Daddy thinks you're calling him! In the past two days, you've been reaching for me and saying mmmmmmaaammamama. I'm so excited!!

You love to watch other kids and are so fascinated by other babies! We saw Lauren and Anita in WalMart the other week and you went CRAZY trying to get to her! You were screaming with excitement and wanted to touch her and love on her! It was so cute! You also love to play with Jenna and get her hair!

You are getting around everywhere and into everything!!!!! Really! I have to keep an eye on you because you are all over the place..doing your army crawl everywhere you want to go! You of course still put EVERYTHING in your mouth, so I have to be careful and watch what is on the floor! You can safely get onto your belly from sitting without toppling over. You can almost sit back up, but not quite yet. You have pulled up on the exersaucer one time from the floor, but haven't quite mastered it on a consistent basis. I'm waiting on you to pull up in the crib, but it hasn't happened yet thank the Lord!
You've been trying lots of new baby foods. You've eaten apricots, chicken and apples, turkey and rice, mixed fruits, cherries and apples, prunes, peach cobbler, and maybe a few others, too. I also gave you a little taste of cake and of course you loved it! You didn't like the sweet potatoes at Ivery's, though! You love to drink water I give you with a straw. You still love to eat your MumMums, but now you bite off big chunks and chew them in your mouth. It's so funny to watch you eat!
You were sleeping so good for a while, but have been waking up every night for the past couple months. I thought maybe you were hungry because of a growth spurt, but I'm not sure what it is! I hope we can get the sleeping schedule back on track! But, it's still good. After you eat in the morning between 5-7, you always go back to sleep until 8 or 9:30!
There are still no teeth peeking through, but I keep checking because I'm sure they are gonna come in any day! As much as you love to chew on won't be long! We love you soo much! I'm so glad to be your Mama!!!! I just can't get enough of you!

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