Friday, March 31, 2017

Mattie Mae is One!

Mattie Mae,
This was seriously the fastest year of my life! How in the world is my baby already one? It feels like just the other day we were meeting you for the first time and falling in love with your sweet beautiful face! We are just thankful beyond words that God saw fit to add you to our family. We love you so much and I am overjoyed and honored to be your Mama!
We celebrated your birthday a day early on Wednesday because Daddy is working the outage at his new job at Plant Vogtle and only has one day off. We went to see the animals at the zoo! You saw the gorillas, elepahants, and  giraffes, We all had a great time together!
On Thursday, we woke up and gave your presents from Alabama. She bought you some tissue and puffs. You LOVED pulling out all the Kleenex. Dream come true! We played and sang and had a fun day. Nana came over with Papa Ralph and Mimi and brought you a little party. She had a balloon, and a present (a mama and baby giraffe, and a cute outfit), and yellow cupcakes with a 1 candle. That was so sweet of her. She wanted you to have a cupcake on your birthday. You had no trouble at all knowing what to do with that cake! ha! You ate it and wanted more!
At one, here are some things you are doing:
You can stand up alone, but have only taken one step. You just fall to the person if we try to get you to walk to them.
You still have NO teeth.
You can say Mama, Dada, bye, stop (a much needed word in your vocabulary!). We also think you say other words like there, alabama, kah kah, and "i did it"
You like to wave and clap. You dance when you hear music.
You wake up many times at night. But, I've been hoping that the one year old birthday would be magical like it was for Blue. You slept until around 4:30 this moring! #allthepraisehands
You love your Mama and if I'm not available, your Little Mama, Alabama. You have just started to occasionally want to go to Daddy.
You are a screamer. Like ear piercing. We've got to work on that "more" sign.
You like to play with your toys. Your favorite things are taking items out of something or putting them in. You also like to play with your house and your walking toys.
You make us laugh everyday with your funny faces and mannerisms.
The boys are all over you all the time. Pate's name for your is Cutie Pie. He must say it 20 times a day. You are quick to let them know when you've had enough. They love you so big!
Alabama carries you around, gets your dressed, plays with you, watches you, and loves you so much! She made you a birthday card that says you're a birthday princess and has a bible verse "You are worth far more than rubies!" So sweet! She loves for y'all to match as much as I do!
Side note: it's now 8:52 and you're still asleep. #morepraisehands
You are beautiful and I just love to stare at your sweet face! I think you look a lot like Alabama, but like Pate, too. Your hair is long enough for a big ponytail on top and a big bow and I just love it!
You wear size 12-18 month clothes and size 3 shoes and size 3 diapers.
We love you and are so excited to watch you grow and learn! I know God has a special plan for you and I pray you will follow Him all the days of your life. You are the perfect baby of our family and we are so glad you are ours!

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