Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pate is Four!

The most handsome boy in the world!

Pate, my sweet, handsome boy! I am just so thankful for you. I love you more than you'll know! You are such a fun boy who loves to play outside. You just learned how to swing yourself and can go soo high! You like to play in the dirt and make mud and are also getting good at riding your bike! You also like to play with your cars and trucks. Lots of times, you pretend they are a family. To the big truck, "Hey Daddy!" And to the little one, "Yes, son." Makes me so happy. :) You love to "play" football. Mostly you like to get tackled and to kick the ball. You make Blue play with you sometimes and poor boy gets knocked down quite a bit. But he loves it, too. You started t-ball this year and learned a lot and had a fun time! T, step, and throw!
Loving your skates!
You are a great helper and love to help Daddy and me! The other day, you helped him wash a truck and air up the tires. You are great at picking up toys. I'm thankful for your servant heart!
I love that you still don't say all your words correctly. :) Most of the time, you don't say the L sound, but say the W sound instead. Bwue, Mrs. Weesa, wemonade. You also say he instead of his. "He can't find he passy." But, there are a lot of things your say correctly, now. Instead of Axby's, you say Zaxby's!
You love Blue and he is over the moon in love with you! He wakes up from every nap calling, PATE! He loves to show you what he's got or what he's done. You are starting to play together a lot and I love that sweet brother friendship you have. He also likes to tell on you when you do something to hurt him. ha! You are really good at watching out for him and making sure he's ok.
We think you are a really funny kid! Sometimes you mean to be, and sometimes you don't! A couple weeks ago, you were upset at something I did and said in the funniest tone, "Mama Smelts!" haha! I guess you hear me say, "Pate Smelts!" a lot! Alabama asked you how you pushed yourself on the swing and you told her, "I just pat my back." ha! This week, we told you to show Papa your Georgia ball. In an exasperated voice, you told us, "But he don't have any eyes!!!" lol! Sometimes you ask me, "Is that just a joke?" ha!
Silly hair in the bathtub
You like to watch Octonauts, Curious George, Veggie Tales, Cars, Toy Story, Letter Factory, Thomas,  and others. But absolutely nothing scawy!
You love to run fast! Two weeks ago, you got your very own "fast shoes!" We went to the mall to pick them out and they are blue Nike Lebron X's. (on sale but still way more than I normally would spend on shoes!!!) You are so proud of them and love to wear them all the time. Daddy let you wear them to church on Sunday and Alabama got so upset. She said, "Those are not church shoes!" You told her, "They wook wike church shoes.' "No they do not!!" she said. ha!
You have a few friends and they just love you! Jackson, Beau, Clara, Georgia, Caleb, Blakely, Brooklyn, and Caroline are a few.
You have great manners and I love to hear your sweet voice say, "Yes, Ma'am", "Thank you, Mama."
You can also be very mischevious and a little sneaky! It's hard to not get in the dirt or water outside before we have to go somewhere.
Driving the boat! (Not seen in the picture, Alabama having a panic attack!)
You like to read books with me and are learning so much!
You are the only child we have who loves to go to sleep! ha! When you are ready for bed, you are going and with no lights on at all!
I'm extrememly partial, I know, but you are the cutest four year old boy I've ever seen!!!! I just love your cuteness overload! I could eat you up, I love you so! I know God has amazing things planned for you life and I'm so proud to have the awesome privilege of being your Mama!

At Stone Mountain on your birthday!

With Daddy

Birthday cake at Cracker Barrel on the way home

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