Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pate is Three!

My sweet boy turned three last month! Usry Pate, you are the prettiest boy I've ever seen with those beautiful long eye lashes and that sweet little face and tan skin and great hair! You've come into your voice lately and we just love to hear you talk and put words and sentences together. You still don't pronounce everything just right...which I love!:) You say "dis" (this), "dat" (that), "right dere" (there), Baby Boo, Mi Defey (Mrs. Stephanie), "Cay-yub" (Caleb), "pwaygwound" (playground), and the list goes on! You still say things very slowly with pauses between words but put large sentences together. Every now and then, a very fast sentence comes out! ha! I just love that sweet voice and hate to see it change! :(
You love to play outside in the dirt. That's probably your favorite thing to do. You also like to play with your train set and with your cars and trucks. You will do most of what Alabama tells to you do when y'all play together. You say, "I Daddy. You Mommy."  You are very good at puzzles and like to put them together. You are even better than ever at driving your jeep and tractor. I have never seen a little boy drive so well! Everyone at your birthday party was so impressed! You also love to play football and "tackle myself!" You're very, very good at throwing and kicking and are working on catching! ;)
You have started to want to sing a few songs, too. It's so precious to hear! You sing by yourself: ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Jesus Loves Me, and God our Father. You like to play with the instruments, too!
You are just so smart! You can count to about 15, know your colors, some shapes, can sing your ABC's and know that A is for "Aaa-gator" and B is for Bumblebee.
You are very interested in construction sites and know the names and jobs of lots of the equipment. We have lots of practice with that since there is a major construction site for the new road in front of our church.
Your favorite shows to watch are Jake and the Neverland Pirates (but not the witch one), Sesame Street, Barney, Curious George, Letter Factory, and Bob the Builder.
You love your teachers, Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Jane at school and are learning so much! Your favorite friends in your class and at church are Brooks and Bennett, (Bwooks and Ben-nett), John, Caleb, Jackson, and Jack.
I love you so much, Pate and am beyond thankful that I get to be your Mama! You're the sweetest boy I know and I am certain God has a perfect plan for your life and will use your mightily for His kingdom! Your tender heart and willingness to serve are such a blessing to us all!  

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