Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pate is 2 and a half!

Pate is two and a half today! He is the cutest boy and oh so funny! We love him so so much! This is definitely my favorite age! He celebrated with a yummy cupcake! 
Seriously, #couldheBEanycuter?!?!
Some of the phrases we love to hear him say right now are "my yat" (my hat), "I e goooooo" (let it go) (thank you, Alabama), "hey Boo!" (Hey Blue!), "pay me Mama?" (Will you play with me, mama?), yide (hide, usually under the bed as I'm trying to get him dressed but sometimes under the table in the playroom when he's in trouble!), yeah maen (yes ma'am), "two, two, two" (one, two, three), "boot on", "naenae" (candy), "no yain" (no rain), "no cah base" (no car wash...he hates them!),  "ah pul" (Apple), nom nom (this is really yummy!), "no bee me" (don't get me, bee!), "my heat" (my seat). He gives the sweetest kisses with little puckered lips. He loves to joke with us about things he knows aren't right so we will say no and he laughs. He wears size 2 clothes and 7 shoes. He weighs 33 pounds (85%). He loves to play with his cars and trucks and would stay outside all day if he could. He's the best two year old driver I've ever seen! He loves to drive his tractor and jeep!  I love being the Mama to this sweet boy! 

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