Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Funnies

Things that make us laugh! :D

 Wednesday, Alabama watched a lot of TV because she wasn't feeling good. (She went to the doctor Thursday and we found out she has strep.) She watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure last night and she said. "Is Fairy Mary Tinkerbell's Mama?" I said, "No. I don't think fairies have Mama's." She said, "Well, she's big like a Mama!" Adam thought that was just hilarious. Thanks Bama.

On Saturday, Adam took Alabama to Sparklers practice and on the way home, they stopped to get a Sprite and a Coke at the gas station.
Alabama asked Adam "what are these numbers on my Sprite?"
Adam: "What numbers?"
AL:" These numbers on this spinning thing on here."
Ad: "Oh, that's the date. The expiration date."
AL: "What's an expiration date?"
Ad:"It tells how long it's good until."
AL:"Oh, I thought you meant a date. Like a very special time together. Like maybe you go to the movies or something."

I was putting her to bed on Saturday night, and I put a new CD in for her to listen to. The man singing some of the songs is English and of course sings with a British accent. She asks me "Why does he say that like that?" I laugh and tell her "it's because he's from England and that's how they talk there." She says, "Well, why doesn't he say that like I do?" I tell her, "that's the way everyone in England talks. You know, like Princess Kate, she's from England. That's how she talks, too." She then asked, "Is her baby going to talk like that, too?!" ha! Even tonight, she wasn't too happy with the man and his accent.

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